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tv   Charlie Rose  PBS  August 21, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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nnonbox! [splash!] [captioning made possible byconstellation energy group] captioned by thenational captioning institute-- >> live, local, late-breaking this is 11 news at noon. >> i am sarah caldwell. bradley manning sentenced to 35 years in present, convicted of
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espionage and other charges for disclosing the largest amount of classified documents in american history to wikileaks. daniel lee has more on the sentencing. >> wearing his army uniform and escorted by guards, bradley manning entered the military court where he would learn his fate. he was sentenced to 35 years in prison and ordered that he be disordered -- dishonorably discharged. the 25-year-old faced up to 90 years in prison on charges of espionage and other crimes. >> i think it is appropriate in terms of what he did. >> more than three years ago, manning provided wikileaks more than 700,000 documents, including video of a helicopter attack where to civilians died. the defense asked for leniency, but the prosecution urged a lengthy sentence to deter other
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potential leakers. >> you cannot scoff at 35 years. >> the sentence comes as the government addresses fallout from leaks from edward snowden, who has been granted asylum in russia and the nsa does not know the full extent of what was taken. . am danielle lee -- leigh >> a judge hasenied bail for a man who allegedly shot and killed his neighbor's over a $10 debt. meghan kerrigan and william monroe died inside of their home on south carey street in detail -- pigtown. police say melvin munro broke into the house and started shooting -- melville mason broke into the house and started shooting. the baby was not hurt. a veteran detective calls it one of the most violent cases he has
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ever handled, part of the string of city violence of the last five days. >> i have a message on behalf of this police department and the commissioner for anyone that comes into the city armed with the intent to break the law. we will find you, prosecute you. there is no tolerance. criminal record goes back 15 years. he has been arrested for drug and auto theft and had a short prison stint. a trial has been set for september 17. >> again, i regret the incident. i am grateful to have the support that i have. i am grateful to be in an alcohol treatment program. >> that was state delegate don dwyer commenting on last august august's voting accident. charges on ther
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road. he was pulled over on route 100 east in pasadena. according to the police report, he was swerving back and forth, driving so erratically and dangerously, an officer stopped his car despite transporting a prisoner at the time. situation, a serious a vehicle potentially putting people's lives in danger. >> anne arundel county police say he failed three field sobriety tests and refused to take a breathalyzer. we are told his car registration was suspended and expired. he was arrested and released on his own recognizance. fellow lawmakers are calling for the delegate to resign. neighborearned the allegedly -- his neighbor a soft -- allegedly assaulted don dwyer . witnesses called 911 after he
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was allegedly assaulted. police say the neighbor also try to get don dwyer to smoke a cigarette laced with pcp, and fought four officers as they try to make an arrest. a verdict has been reached in the trial of a baltimore city police detective accused of shooting himself to collect workers comp benefits. a jury found city detective anthony fata guilty on all three counts including urgency. workers compensation benefits fraud of more than $10,000. he told investigators he was in a parking lot when somebody shot him, but prosecutors say he shot himself to collect benefits. 11 news update, baltimore city police arrest a 16-year-old boy they say stabbed a teenager to death. does your williams is charged as an adult. he is accused of stabbing the
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16-year-old during a fight and killing the teenager. we say to other people were stabbed but would not say what led up to the fight. the meantime, a former maryland lottery worker admits to stealing scratch off tickets and collecting the winnings. the 59-year-old pled guilty to felony theft in anne arundel circuit court tuesday. he will be sentenced next month. according to the attorney general's office, he sold more than 7500 scratch off tickets to collect more than $67,000. the heat is back on. >> the dew points have come up to 70. you will feel the humidity. there will be showers or thunderstorms that pop up. not a big deal. those of you will have a dry afternoon. 83 is the temperature at the airport. the dew point, 69.
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we have a south wind at seven miles an hour. we should make it into the upper 80's in most locales. there is a 30% chance of a shower or thunderstorm this afternoon. the chance for rain goes up tomorrow. we will talk about that in a few minutes. >> thank you. sentenced to 30 days in jail -- how one texas teacher took disciplining one of her students to far and that has landed her time in lockdown. the death toll continues to rise in syria and an activist says
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beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. >> covering the world, more than 1000 people are dead in syria after the suburbs of damascus were attacked by what activists say is poisonous gas. nbc news could not verify the claim or amateur video, but the syrian government continues to deny the use of chemical weapons. latest ongel has the the violence, and we want to warn you in the video i'd be disturbing. -- confirmed, it could be one of the worst
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atrocities in syria. a series of 10 villages were attacked, hit by what rebels say where surface-to-surface missiles fired by the regime and tipped with chemical weapons. the death toll, well over 1000. sentence before death or shortness of death, constricted pupils, foaming at the mouth. we have seen video posted online showing many women and children among the dead. this. government has denied categorically that -- the syrian government has denied categorically they were response before the attack and it comes at a time when u.s. weapons inspectors looking into this matter are actually in damascus, a few miles away from the alleged attacks. >> still to come, many of us are getting in that much-needed grilling and chilling over the
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summer, but experts say do not over do that -- too much processed meat could increase health problems. >> grilling and chilling. i like that. we have a change in the forecast for the weekend. temperatures today above average. outside, partly scott -- sunny skies.
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>> covering the nation -- university of delaware police are investigating an on-campus shooting spurred by a basketball dispute. university police say ew woman got into a fist fight late monday night -- two wl nine got into a fist fight late monday
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night. the gunmen fled the scene in a silver sedan. a texas judge sentences a teacher to 30 days in jail. what did she do? it is the extreme action she took to discipline one of her studious -- students that has ever behind bars. ambroseros cynthia addresses ---year-old cynthia andrus -- cynthia ambrose addresses the judge. she was convicted of official aggression. in may of 2012, she ordered students to line up and take turns hitting seven-year-old aiden neeley. she said the boy was acting up and teaching him a lesson. cynthia ambrose even encouraged students to hit harder.
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>> when the first of the students struck aiden neeley, the phrase she used was "hit him harder. , that speaks to her character. >> the judge sentenced her to two years probation and as a condition she will have to serve 30 years in jail and will not be allowed to teach. >> this is the parents worst nightmare -- they assume the children to you out of there site for the major portion of the day and trustee to take care of those children. >> the texas education agency is not ruled on whether cynthia ambrose will lose her license to teach. the consumer alert, if you are looking to buy a new car, now is a great time. according to analysts, late august through september is when you will find the best combination of discounts and
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selection here dealers are -- selection area dealers are clearing out 2013 models, but there is plenty of inventory left. you can wait for prices to drop, but your choices will then be limited. it seems to be a good time for u.s. home sales. the national association of realtors will exist -- release home sale numbers for july. ey are expected to increase. june.ales fell in existing homes have diggers show completed transit -- figures show completed transactions on single-family homes, townhomes, and condominiums. >> now your insta weather plus forecast with meteorologist tony pann. >> our weather pattern has changed and that means the jet pattern has moved. you can see cooler temperatures across the upper midwest. you have warmer temperatures in
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the eastern half of the country, under a bridge in the jstream -- range in the jetstream. this will stay with us through the weekend. we will then get rid of the humidity and some of the heat. it will get under. -- better. 83 at the airport. 82 in westminster. the way it feels -- the reason it feels oppressive is because the dew points have jumped close to 70. it is 75 in annapolis, 73 in westminster, and you are starting to see cloud cover develop in that humidity. so far, there has been no precipitation around baltimore. that might change. you can already see activity to the south. showers and thunderstorms through the carolinas and back into kentucky and tennessee. the nearest precipitation is in west virginia. they are getting hit hardith
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showers. around baltimore, even though it might look threatening with the clouds building up, there is no precipitation showing up on the radar. at least for a couple of hours, you will be ok. once you get past 2:00 p.m., you will put in a 30% chance for a shower. and temperatures between 85 90. overnight tonight, a chance for a shower or thunderstorm. that will most likely be this evening. temperatures drop into the upper .0's and low-70's the chance for rain is up to 50% tomorrow. we have the ravens home game. hopefully the timing is ok. 87 thursday. friday, rain in the morning. it will clear up. by the time we hit the weekend, the humidity will be gone and the temperatures drop off. 80'ss in the low-to mid-
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saturday and sunday. >> the sandwich you have every day for lunch might be making your life shorter. newly search shows eating too linked tossed meat is health problems. >> a slice of a can, have a hot dog. -- bacon, half of a hot dog. likes that is how much you can safely eat each day according to a new study. lunchmeat like turkey, chicken and salami are included. >> in this study, the people that consume the highest quantity also smoke and drink excessively, eating fewer vegetables and fruit. the study does not explain why the unhealthy behaviors are linked, but processed meats are full of artery-clogging fat and
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cancer-causing chemicals. >> on a routine basis, it will be bad for you. let's meet markets make their own sausage. -- >> meet markets make their own sausage. ask how long stakes have been in the case. more than two days, and they have likely been sprinkled with preservatives. eating small amounts of unprocessed red meat is healthy. >> you should have some meaning your diet. listen to the budget. >> if you consume a lot of artery-clogging fats, a blood test could reveal if you have a high risk of dying from the disease. researchers have found there are biomarkers of disease in your dna. they looked at blood samples from more than 300,000 patients with heart disease. those that had three abnormal biomarkers and more than five
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times the risk of a heart attack. researchers say knowing the risk of doctors to decide who gets the most aggressive treatment. millions of young adults have new or better health-care coverage since passage of the affordable care act according to a new study from the commonwealth fund. a survey of adults in their 20's and nearly 8 million of them have coverage, however only one quarter of them were aware of the state health insurance marketplaces, which launched on october 1. midday lottery numbers, and another check of your insta weather plus forecast with tony, but first, a check of wall street at this hour. some of us feel depressed,
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anxious, angry. if you're just like me, say something.
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5:00night on 11 news at p.m., the army private convicted of leaking class but information to wikileaks will spend 35 years in prison. we will have the latest reaction. and, the i-team looks at the figureith smartphones to out what may be behind a troubling trend. an alligator is discovered
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outside of a residence in carroll county. we will find out where it might have come from and where it is tonight. now your maryland lottery make a pick three and four numbers. from 98sarah fleischer rock. your pick three numbers. 8 for starters. followed by 2. another 2. pick three numbers -- 822. in a moment, the four, but first, champions scratch off -- instantly when 2014 season tickets. ising on, patrick morin ready to go with a 3. that is 6, as printed on the ball. 5. final number, 3.
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53 -- the -- 36 maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> before your last look at the forecast, one of the most popular boy bands of of all time is making a comeback. says insynck post" will perform together. at the end of the show, they will likely say " bye bye bye." do you like that? do you know who they are? correct they are like motown to me -- >> bearlike motown to me. >> how is the forecast. >> a better chance for rain tomorrow. we have good news for the weekend. i think it will be nice saturday and sunday. >> bye-bye bye.
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thank you for joining us. tonight at 5:00 p.m. with donna hamilton stan stovall. parks have a good one. -- >> have a
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lights, camera, action. >> this woman is the latest to claim she's done a whole lot with khloe's man lamar. i'm billy bush. is it a case of where there's smoke there's fire? >> she talks about threesomes and fetishes. >> definitely smoke and fire for dick van dyke. how the comedy legend found humor in the close call. ♪ if i could then i would >> pulling into the van, he put the gun to my head. >> a terrifying tale of abduction from the calling's lead singer alex band.
12:31 pm
and the words alex believed saved his life. >> i'm begging with you and pleading with you guys. >> it was shocking to me. >> head butted on the 38th day of marriage to chad ochocinco. what's keeping evelyn lozado from putting it behind her? is it over for khloe and lamar? kris jenner has her own talk show and hasn't addressed it. >> my marriage, i'm obviously defensive over everything. >> clearly no stranger to all kinds of rumors about trouble in her marriage. that was khloe back in march. but now almost four years after they wed following only 30 days together, the talk has reached a fever pitch. with two reports khloe cheated
12:32 pm
in past four months. spoke with one of the women 29-year-old jennifer richardson. >> lamar and jennifer met at the nightclub in d.c. she said they only kissed that night but then their affair quickly heated up. she talks about threesomes. she talks about fetishes. >> though many were at the sweet 16 of her little sister this weekend, khloe was solo. in fact, the couple has not been photographed together since kim's baby shower on june 2nd. calling lamar an emotional affectionate freaky lover, he claims he even said he loved her and bought her this tiffany's ring. lamar lost his cool last month when peppered by cheating questions by paparazzo. khloe defended his actions at the time. but she's been
12:33 pm
uncharacteristically quiet about the affair allegations. but leave it to kris jenner to break the silence telling e! news last week khloe and lamar are absolutely not getting divorc. >> we're trying to have a baby. >> we're trying. >> that was an affectionate khloe and lamar back in 2011. and it's no secret they've spent years trying to have a baby. >> jennifer says there were a couple of pregnancy scares and actually lamar said that he wanted to have a baby with jennifer according to her. obviously that is a low blow for khloe because she's been very open about her fertility issues. >> check out this shot of khloe and mom kris at one of his basketll games. there's jennifer at the same game. she sat two rows in front of them. this is supposedly just after she ended her relationship with lamar. she claims she ended it because lamar was cheating on her with
12:34 pm
other women. >> what a tangled web he's weaved. shawn joins me right now with news of a tv icon's very close call. >> that's right. thankfully we can laugh about this now, but we're talking about the legendary dick van dyke. look at him. 87 years old. great head of hair, nice tan. >> yes, but he nearly got burned. >> frightening home video showing van dyke's jaguar engulfed in flames. here's what happened. the 87-year-old was just 20 minutes from his home on the 101 freeway when he said he heard a noise and at first thought it was a flat tire. then the car was smoking. there's dick looking on as his jag burned to a crisp. thankfully he was not injured. a passer by yanked him out of the car. contrary to some reports that claimed he was slumped over or passed out. dick called his wife who came and picked him up and showing that the legendary sense of
12:35 pm
humor remains intact, he tweeted a picture of the car saying used jag for sale real cheap. we reached out to jaguar who told us his car a 2011 xj was not subject to any recalls although billy, other models have been recalled because of get this a potential fire hazard. >> chitty chitty bang bang. it had wings. it floated. i mean, never caught on fire. >> that's right. >> he'd like to have that back. thank you, shawn. michelle joins us right now with the heat or lack thereof coming off lindsay's big oprah sit do. >> people tuned in for the first airing. pu it in perspective. publications like vanity fair critiqued the interview as lacking depth. but we asked online. after watching the interview do
12:36 pm
you feel she's on the road to recovery? 72% said yes. >> interesting comparison between the lance interview. lance was singing the same tune forever. people tuned in to hear him sing a different tune. which is owning up to performance enhancing drugs. with lindsay, she's been talking the same talk forever. i guess people just don't want to hear from her. it's time to walk the walk. all right, michelle. it's been 13 years since this video debuted on trl in 2000 ♪ baby bye-bye bye >> dust off your astronaut shin guards, the new york post is claiming it's like hi hi hi for 'nsync. they report a reunion is going to happen at this weekend's vmas where justin timberlake is to get an award. michelle, were you an 'nsync fan and are you pumped up? >> yes, billy. this is a real smile not the
12:37 pm
fake television one you usually see on me. i was a real 'nsync fan. always the oldest at the concert and i'm okay with that. i am genuinely pumped for this. >> so was i. anyway, the emmys come your way september 22nd on cbs. last night jane lynch says she's ready to hit the carpet in style. >> i have a couple of stylists who said they're looking out for me. >> a slightly more casual jane lynch joins fellow nominees including sophia vergara, christina hendrix, and myan bilek. >> they'll handle the death of finn beautifully. and i don't know how. i don't envy that. but it'll be our third episode.
12:38 pm
>> dan dishing on what's supposed to happen after the season finale shocker. >> how long have you been sleeping with the president? >> it will be focused on who leaked the information that olivia pope was the mistress. and then putting out the fires that caused. >> julie bowen would now like to share the riches with the cast mates. >> it would be a joy, but i'm really -- i'd love to see it be sophia's year. >> while christina hendricks has been nomined on mad men, she would want to win on game of thrones. >> to ride on horseback. >> almost as fun as bareback. straight ahead, a whole new ball game for josh duhamel. fe fergie's about to make him a father. >> but first the calling's frontman abduction. >> he clipped the thing back, the gun, and i was like, listen.
12:39 pm
>> the words that probably saved his life. then the turmoil evelyn l e lozado faced. >> i questioned am i doing the right thing. new tv on dvd right n
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that is the calling and their big hit "wherever you will go." they normally make headlines with their music, but lead singer alex band is making headlines now with his incredible tale of being abducted, beaten, robbed, and nearly losing his life. >> i had like 15 stitches here, 2 in my mouth. i lost part of my chin. i lost a tooth. my nose got a big gash. >> those are the injuries sustained by alex who claims around 4:00 a.m. sunday while out getting cigarettes in michigan two men grabbed him and threw him inside the van. >> the first thing they did was take a police baton and smash my face. so that i couldn't see. they said they didn't want me seeing who they were. >> alex who had just performed at a music festival with his group the calling said he was out cold for about ten seconds. >> and then it was give us some of that hollywood money.
12:43 pm
they wanted everything out of my pockets. i gave them my phone, my wallet. i had like $1200. >> alex had that much cash because he won that $1200 the night before in atlantic city. >> he put the gun to my head and again, wanted more money. so by this point we get to the middle of nowhere to like a train track and they open the other door. and they hang me out of the car. and the gun still to my head. they said we're sorry we have to do this. you seem like a nice guy. and i said i am. by this point, i was crying. i was freaking out. and i was like listen. i just found out that i'm going to be a dad. which i did. sorry. i'm begging with you, i'm pleading with you guys. i was like i'll help you if i can. and then within one second they said it's your lucky day and
12:44 pm
kicked me out of the car. >> alex was found at the side of the road by his manager who then called 911. >> he's bleeding all over the place and i found him on the road. >> it's quite a story he's telling and it has some thinking it's a hoax to cover up the real reasons for injuries although alex claims no substances were found in his system. or to drum up publicity for the calling. >> i'm not an actor. i didn't break my own face. i didn't come up with crazy stories. i don't need to fake my kidnapping for press. i was just happy to be alive. happy to get out of there. >> saying that he was about to be a father clearly saved his life. billy, alex said one of the assailants said we don't kill fathers. right now police are still investigating, but right now they don't have anybody in custody. >> only slightly comforting. it sounds like they still kill
12:45 pm
non-fathers. scary story. same goes for evelyn lozada. the difficulty i did is putting the violence behind her. but first a happy moment approaches for fergie and josh. the moment he looks forward to the most. >> i'm really excited for that. >> i was just in the vortex. >> that's lovely lake bell and her husband scott. she shares the marriage proposal coming up. you think washing your face is healthy.
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mother to be glow. fergie and her husband josh duhamel are expecting their first child, a boy, any minute now. and this morning on "access hollywood live," we got the latest on the wait for the baby. >> she looks like she's ready to go. i don't know if you've seen her, but she looks so damn cute. i'm going to miss sighing her walk around pregnant. it looks like it's going to bust out the front. she's been really cool. it's been a delight. that's good. >> do we have a name yet? i know you've been guarding it. but here we are a couple of friends, maybe. >> yeah. you know what? i'll text it to you. >> all right. i promise not to read it. >> how about this? are we going hollywood name unique? traditional? >> well, you know, coming from north dakota we were going to name it north.
12:49 pm
but of course kim and kanye took that. we have a name picked out. and it's fairly traditional. but you know, we don't want to tell anybody because we don't want anybody's opinion mostly including our parents. >> but josh was ready for some advice especially about the unexpected surprises that come with newborn baby boys. >> is there truth to the peepee tepee? >> i think it's the way to go. i heard you're excited about this. >> i actually am. you know, they always tell me that boys when they're infants laying on the changing table that they feel the cold air on them and they pee. i'm excited to see that. i know it's probably disgusting. but i don't care. >> i'm sure fergie got them, it's a tepee thing. you pop it on the end. it keeps you safe.
12:50 pm
>> josh actually stopped by to talk safety and disaster relief efforts. he teamed up with habitat for humanity and he's one of the stars auctioning off his work. i offered up one more thing and has to do with this outfit he wore in a skit for jimmy kimmel live. >> if you want to auction off the scrotum suit from jimmy kimmel, i will give you a thousand dollars. >> is that it? >> my favorite is the teller. the woman at the teller. >> i don't know. i'm trying to get it out of my system before i have to be a good role model for my kid, i guess. next dance partner next season. got to top this, buddy. >> i'm afraid to let everyone know that she will not be dancing next season. >> chad ochocinco showed his warm spot by giving her a ring. cheryl did not return the affections so chad moved on. to evelyn lozada.
12:51 pm
the honeymoon ended when he head butted her and he was arrested. that wasn't the only issue between the two. >> i never went into my marriage thinking it was going to be perfect. things happen, but, you know, the same month that we got married you're buying condoms? it was shocking to me. >>hen evelyn lozada confronted a new husband ochocinco, he viciously head butted her. scars of which are still visible. three days later she filed for divorce. >> it was really difficult for me to wrap around being a divorcee and newlywed at the same time. i struggled with all of it. >> if you didn't have the visible scars, would you have tried to get back with him? do you think you'd be back with him now? >> i probably would have went back in that house that day. because it's so humiliating when
12:52 pm
something happens and you're just in shock. i probably wouldn't have said anything. just because i would have been afraid of all the controversy. you know, being blamed for it also. >> though johnson pleaded no contest and was put on probation, evelyn's worst fears came true anyway. her violent outbursts and combative nature led many to believe chad wasn't all to blame. >> people are going to always talk. they're go i thiing to say thin negative about you. >> the premiere of basketball wives showed how challenging it's been. >> how hard is it to relive that now? >> you know, it's difficult. you know, even though it was a year ago seeing those emotions all over again, having conversations with my daughter, it's hard. today i don't have a bitter bone in my body to that man. i truly wish him and his family
12:53 pm
the best. i just want to move on. >> but chad keeps reopening those wounds by keeping the case in the headlines. in june a judge slapped him with a 30-day sentence as he playfully slapped his attorney on the butt and prompted laughter from the courtroom. >> is something funny about what's going on here today? >> just knowing him very well, that's just typical chad. i actually thought it was a little funny. just because, you know -- >> i laughed. >> he's goofy like that. i thought it was pretty funny. >> with the help of therapy and a life coach, evelyn has put her volatile past behind her and started a foundation for victims of domestic abuse. and she's about to release a fitness dvd. now she says she's ready for love. >> you've been on some dates at least? >> you know, i've been on one date and it didn't go so great. we'll see what happens. i'm not out there looking.
12:54 pm
i feel like this -- i'd rather it come to me. coming up, the naked truth about lake bell's surprise marriage proposal. final 45 is next. [ female announcer ] introducing new and improved snuggle exhilarations. it starts with a sniff and lasts... from grin to grin. from giggle to giggle. ♪ from kiss to kiss. from wash... ♪ wash.
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let's put a good mood in the air. new long-lasting snuggle exhilarations. scents that last from wash to wash. let's snuggle.
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final 45 time. lake bell dropped by "access hollywood live" today to talk up her indie comedy she wrote, directed, and stars in. she says there was one day shooting this she could never forget. >> the second to last day of shooting was my birthday. it was a particularly hard day.
12:58 pm
it was the night my fiance pronosed to me. >> did you know? >> no. i was in the vortex of shooting. >> he painted the rose that adorns her naked body on the cover. and also poses with her inside the pages. bye-bye. >> the photograph looks hot when he's cradling that one. >> yeah. i mean, you know, it's a little awkward. there's a lot of people there. >> let it hang out. >> is it all there? >> yeah. we're all fine with that. >> how do you get out of the position? do you tell the
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